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ATV-T013 125cc ATV with Automatic Transmission w/Reverse, Foot Brake, Remote Control! Big 16" Tires!

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Key Features

    New Shipment Changes
    1. The front headlight is no longer available on the new shipment, the headlight does not have bulb inside

    Safety Features: Built with fun and safety in mind and have Great Safety Features.
    1. Foot Brake (Exclusive feature, only available on this model!) provides the rider to use both foot and hand brakes in case of panic.
    2. Front Brake (Competitor's ATVs not have). When riding, use both front and rear brakes for fast, safe stopping.
    3. Remote Control: Including the remote engine kill, remote engine stop, remote engine start and remote alarm (Exclusive! Other ATVs don't have it!), which can work from 30 feet away; make the parents' control be effective and activated.
    4. Kill Switch: With one press of the button it automatically cuts the engine so you can stop easily.
    5. Speed Restrictor(Governor): It can be adjusted down to 5mph, you can adapt engine power as his or her skill develops.
    6. Foot Guard: Protects rider from getting legs near the tires.
    7. Rear Hydraulic Disc Brake (Other vendor's ATVs only have drum brakes!) provides a better stopping power compared to regular brake

    Engine / Drive
    1. 125cc of reliable, electric-start four-stroke fun feed into a gearbox, making the ATV-T013 a great choice for those getting started or moving up, and perfectly tuned to the rider starting to hone his or her ATV skills.
    2. This ATV comes with an air-cooled engine designed to prevent overheating. There will be no worries about overheating or extra engine maintenance with this ATV .
    3. Automatic Transmission ensures smooth shifting and lets the entry-level rider focus on the trail by eliminating a hand-operated clutch.
    4. The Reverse feature allows you to move your ATV backwards with ease without you having to get out of the ATV.
    5. Durable Chain Drive, which is really great chains, are easy to repair and replace.
    6. Electric Start provides much easier control and handling, and gives the rider the great convenience in the event of a stall.
    7. Fuel: Regular unleaded gasoline (90# gas or above), no need to mix oil with gas.
    8. Lubrication: The unit comes already filled with engine oil that flows throughout the integrated engine and transmission. For engine oil changes, use 15W40 engine oil available at your local auto parts store.

    Body / Suspension / Dimensions
    1. ATV-T013 is middle size ATV, which has a Bigger Size, Bigger Wheel! It is the exclusive feature in the some class ATVs.
    2. Steel Frame: This ATV uses 1.5mm thickness steel tubular frames with a powercoated finish.
    3. 50" Length, 33.5" Width, 38" Height provide a roomy and comfortable riding .
    4. Front Double a-arm and Rear single arm suspension provides a better handling and more comfortable ride.
    5. 24.81 inch seat height for quick, balanced steering and optimal rider comfort.
    6. Plastic leather with foam padding seat gives a comfortable ride for you.
    7. Distance from foot rest to top of seat: 15.75"
    8. Foot rest length: 11.81"
    9. Compact chassis design creates the ideal 31.89" wheelbase and low center of gravity for light, quick, super-accurate steering.
    10. 3.54 inches of ground clearance and a smooth undercarriage thwart most trail obstacles.
    11. 0.66 gallons Fuel Tank for good distance riding.

    Additional Features
    1. Front Plastic Bumper supplys protection against injuries in impacts.
    2. Luggage Rack is on the front and rear of the ATV. This is a fantastic upgrade for carrying anything needed.
    3. Neutral and Reverse Gear indicator.
    4. The headlight and new upgrade front light are a very unique design that perfectly fit the style and shape of this vehicle. They are also very bright and will light your way while driving at night.
    5. Another great safety feature for night riding are the tail lights and brake lights on this 125cc quad. You will never lose sight as he or she is riding.
    6. Free toolkit, Free Manual.

    1. Usually takes about 1 to 2 hours. The ATVs are completely assembled in the factory and fully tested. After testing, the tires, steering knuckle, racks and front bumper are removed and the handlebars are pivoted downward. So to assemble, put the tires, steering knuckle, racks and bumper back on and rotate the handlebars back up


    ATV-T013 is a middle Size ATV. Our 125cc ATV are the ultimate in competition that have a high performance 125cc 4-stroke engine with electric start, tops out at speeds of over 35 miles per hour. These engines are built based on Yamaha technology.Fully Automatic Transmission gives more convenient handling for young users.

    The ATV lightweight and low maintenance make it perfect for casual yard, field, and trail destruction. It will be safe enough along with the exclusive feature like remote control,foot brake.

    We stock all parts for ATV-T013, all come from the manufacturer directly. If you need any parts, simply give us a call and we will ship them to you promptly. Comparing with Suzuki or Yamaha similar models, ATV-T013 comes with similar size, features and lot of upgrades but priced at 1/3 or even less. It is a steal!


    Model Number ATV-T013
    Engine/Drive Train
    Engine 125cc, 4 stroke
    Cylinder Arrangement Single
    Max Torque 6.5 N.m/5500rpm
    Cooling System Air Cooled
    Transmission Automatic
    Reverse Gear Yes
    Final Drive Chain Drive
    Start System Electric
    Ignition CDI
    Max Speed (MPH) 35+ (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
    Battery 12V/4Ah
    Frame /Body/ Suspension / Brakes
    Steel Frame thickness 1.5mm
    Plastic Body PP
    Front Suspension Double a-arm w/ 10.8" shock
    Rear Suspension Single arm w/ 11" shock
    Front Brakes Drum
    Rear Brakes Hydraulic Disc
    Front Tires 16x8-7
    Rear Tires 16x8-7
    Capacities / Dimensions
    Net Weight (lbs) 206.82
    Gross Weight (lbs) 253.02
    Overall Length 50"
    Overall Width 33.5"
    Overall Height 38"
    Carton dimension (L*W*H/in) 51.2" x 30.3" x 24.5"
    Seat Height 24.81"
    Distance from foot rest to top of seat 15.75"
    Wheelbase 31.89"
    Ground Clearance 3.54"
    Fuel Capacity (gal) 0.66
    Safety / Control
    Engine kill switch Yes
    Remote Stop Yes
    Remote Start Yes
    Remote Alarm Yes
    Speed Limiter Yes
    Foot Brake Yes
    Tail Lights Yes
    Tool Kit Yes
    EPA Approved Yes

C.A.R.B Info

    This bike is legal for sale in all states other than California. To Califorlia shoppers, we have built a section called "CA Legal Bikes" for you. Please click here to check those 100% CA DMV registerable bikes.

Local Pickup

    You can come to our warehouses to pick up this model locally. However, In store price may vary from online price. We also offer assembling and testing service at additional charges, please call 888-473-9826 for details.


    Assembly for MOST ATVs includes: Handle bar brackets (c clamps), all 4 wheels, front and rear racks (if included), rear shock and battery. (May differ per model)


    Normally it will take up to 3 business days to process your order. Most orders will be shipped from our warehouses in Los Angeles. After our shipping company picks up your order from our warehouses, the estimated delivery time will be 3-10 business days depends on your location.

    Shipping charge for one single unit of ATV-T013 is $199.95 , and you will get discounted shipping price if you order multiple item.

    All ATVs, Go Karts, Mopeds, Dirt Bikes and UTVs will be put in a steel crate and shipped by a reputable trucking company to door directly. Electric scooters, pocket bikes, parts and accessories will be shipped by FedEx or DHL. We will email you a tracking number after your order is shipped. Our trucking company will always call you before the delivery and let you check the condition of your items when they arrive, so do not worry about that you could miss the delivery.

    Don't be fooled by some companies "Free Shipping" offers. They just add shipping charge in their product prices and their prices are usually $150-$500 more than our prices and they may also charge you for "Lift gate services" and "Residential Delivery".

    No any hidden charges or tricks here, we only offer you fast, reliable and honest services.

    Note: For oversized bikes, there might be a chance that our trucking company driver cannot unload this bike with liftgate on his own. The reason is that there is no lift gate big enough to unload this bike and this bike is too heavy for one person to unload. If our trucking company informs us so, you are expected to have several friends to help our truck driver to unload the bike when it arrives at your door. You can also provide a business address with a forklift to us for delivery or you can go to trucking company local terminal to pick up your bike.

Want a Rush Processing?

    Normally orders are processed and shipped out of our warehouses within 3 business days. If you pay for the RUSH option, we will ship out your order within one business day. If you have a birthday or need this order rushed to you, simply select the Rush Option when placing your order and we GUARANTEE to ship out within one business day. If for any reason we cannot get your order shipped out within one business day, we will refund your rush charge and still rush your order.

No Sales Tax

    We do not charge sales tax except in California. That's extra savings for our customers comparing to buying bikes from local vendors on top of our already lower sale prices.


    Look in your local yellow pages for lawn mower repair, small engine repair or go to and search for "motorcycles repair" or "ATV, motor scooters repair". Our bikes are similar to big name like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki bikes. Any bike shop with experience at those name brand bikes should be able to repair our bikes too. If you or your local technicians need any parts, simply give our parts department a call and we will send parts to you properly.
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Iris Robertson

4 of 5 Stars! 05/19/2009
When we received the ATV, it's handlebars and tires were off like we were told and it was well wrapped. It was easy to put together and actually rides really well. It is easy for my 8 year old son to operate and the reverse is also easy for him to use but not so easy where it will slip into gear. We are very well pleased with this product and I would recommend it to any parent wanting to start their child on ATV's.

When we received the ATV, it's handlebars and tires were off like we were told and it was well wrapped. Damage to this item during shipping would have been next to impossible. It was easy to put together and actually rides really well. My 8 year old son loves it and it can take most of the trails next to our house (we live in the country). It is easy for him to operate and the reverse is also easy for him to use but not so easy where it will slip into gear. We are very well pleased with this product and I would recommend it to any parent wanting to start their child on ATV's.

5 of 5 Stars! 12/05/2008
We bought our two ATV-T013 for our two little guys for Christmas, so we have been taking our time and putting them together. We did get one put together it fired right up and my oldest son took it for a spin so far it seems like there are no problems, which is great. I would like to say you guys were great on you shipping I ordered these items and had them at my door in less than a week. I honestly don't see that will will have any problems which as a mother of 4 that is great. I'm looking forward to seeing that my little guys think about them on Christmas. Thank you very much and have a wonderful Christmas.

I bought two ATV-T013 shippement was fast had in less than a week. These are Christmas gifts so we really have fired both of the up yet. We did get one together, started right up and oldest son took for a spin and it sounded great. I really don't foresee any problems. Plus they look great. Thanks Powersports.
Michael Wang

5 of 5 Stars! 06/05/2008
Very easy to start Runs and handles great.

Works very good for my kids. Should work for yours.

5 of 5 Stars! 05/22/2008

5 of 5 Stars! 05/15/2008
I purchased this atv for my son 4 yrs old and decided on the middle size model because of things I had heard on these wheelers being small. This model is sufficiant size for even a 10 yrl old. We received the 4 wheeler in just 7 days and thats not too bad considering it came across the country to get to us. It was packaged up neatly in a crate with steel framing around it. It was removed quite easily with a few hand tools. Assembly was relatively easy even without an instruction manual. Approx. 1 hour total time. Just make sure to re-tighten the misc. nuts ect. after riding the first few times as i found some to come loose.
As far as set up I checked the motor for oil and once confirmed put gas (I recomend 93 octane as it seems to run better) in it and hit the start button and it fired right up. This machine does go quite fast and would be a little much for the young ones but the throttle limiter works great at reducing the distance the throttle can be pushed.
It did stall a few times at first, but after adjusting the idle screw and mix screw it ran great. We have had it for a few weeks and the kids love it. I would recomend this product to others. We will see how it holds up in time but initial observation it's a great buy.
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When we received the ATV, it's handlebars and tires were off like we were told and it was well wrapped. It was easy to put together and actually rid