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BMS Palazzo 150cc Moped Scooter with 10" Wheels, Rear Trunk! Made by ZNEN, High Quality!

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    Key Features

      Free Items
      1. Free: Delivery Notification
      2. Free: Liftgate Service, other companies may charge you addtional $75 for it!
      3. Shipping charge already includes residential address delivery. Other companies may charge you addtional $30-$100 for it!
      4. Free: Owner's Manual Handbook (except some models, please see description for details)
      5. Free: Tool Kit (except some models, please see description for details)
      6. Free: Life Time Toll Free Technical Support (No one else offers it!)
        Get questions? Need some instructions? Call us Toll Free at 1-888-901-BIKES any time. Unlike most competitors don't have toll free support line or either don't even have technical support at all, our dedicated technical support team are here Mon. to Fri. to answer your all types of questions and can walk you through if you have any problem.
      7. Free: Registration Documents (Others may charge you up to $55!)
        Our competitors may charge you $55 for sending you bill of sale and MSO. Yes, it does take some time and create those paper work and send it to you. However, the paper work doesn't come with your bike, you need to submit MSO Request after receiving bike. We offer those documents to you totally free! As soon as you submit a MSO Request to us, our MSO staff will mail those documents to you promptly.

      Made By High Quality Manufacturer ZNEN
        Who is ZNEN? ZNEN is one of the largest Chinese scooter manufacturer. ZNEN has made high quality scooters for some well known brands like Schwinn and TNG. At, we sell same style, same quality of ZNEN scooter for $1500 less! Why pay so much extra just for a brand name? You can get same quality of ZNEN MC-E09 Scooters now here for less than $1500.

      Deluxe Design, High Quality
      1. Chrome Engine Cover
      2. Poliurethan Seat
      3. Aluminum Chrome Wheel
      4. Chrome Shield Muffler
      5. Extra Alarm Remote Control
      6. Strong Windshield Holder
      7. Left handgrip: High/Low beam light switch
      8. Right handgrip: kill switch

      Key Features
      1. Front Hydraulic Disc Brakes:
        That's right, this 150cc BMS Palazzo 150 Scooter for sale comes with front hydraulic disc brakes! These brakes are high quality, reliable, and very safe.
      2. Upgraded Suspension:
        The ZNEN BMS Palazzo 150 gas moped features an upgraded dual telescopic fork suspension system to make your ride as comfortable as it can be.
      3. 60-80 MPG:
        This motor scooter can get up to 80 miles to the gallon. This kind of gas mileage makes this scooter very fuel efficient and economical. This vehicle is the perfect alternative to cars and motorcycles to save on gas and keep extra money in your pocket!
      4. Electric Start / Kick Start:
        This moped has two starting systems that allow this scooter to be very efficient. The electric start starting system makes simple starting even easier for anyone. The kick start can also be used at any time. The dual starting systems are very convenient in the event that one cannot be used, and it is always a great alternative to have two options rather than one.
      5. Emergency Shut Off Switch:
        This Moped comes with shut off switch in case of any emergency. With one press of the button it automatically cuts the engine so you can stop easily.
      6. 4-Stroke Engine:
        This gas motor scooter is equipped with a 150cc 4-stroke engine that has a 55 MPH+ speed capability. This engine is very reliable and will outlast any other engine on the market.
      7. Air Cooled:
        The cooling system on this model is designed to an incredibly high standard. It keeps the engine temperatures level while offering the perfect amount of power for a more reliable engine and quality scooter.
      8. Fully Automatic Transmission:
        The 150cc BMS Palazzo also comes installed with a fully automatic transmission which is operated by the simple to use 'twist & go' throttle acceleration. With this scooter, the rider will have no worries about using a clutch or gear shifting, because it is completely automatic and completely stress and worry free.
      9. Storage Compartment:
        There is a large storage compartment located underneath the seat. Use this extra space to put all your items that don't fit in the glove compartment.
      10. Rear Storage Trunk:
        This gas motor scooter comes with a free detachable rear storage trunk. By adding this to the moped, you could carry many personal items in the extra storage spaces. This feature is great for any trip you take if you need that extra room to carry supplies.
      11. Upgraded Stylish Instrument Panel:
        The instrument panel featured on this gas scooter has a black background which makes it look far more impressive than most other boring ones.
      12. Classic body Design:
        The body design will remind you of the scooters of the 60's which should bring back all those fond memories you keep locked up inside your brain.
      13. Upgraded Perforated Nylon Seat:
        Most seats are manufactured out of vinyl. These vinyl seats will eventually fade in color, dry out and crack from exposure to the elements. This will make any attractive scooter look old and ugly. Fortunately for you, your new 150cc ZNEN BMS Palazzo scooter has perforated Nylon seats. Nylon will never fade nor crack in any condition, and it will not stick to your skin. That way, after a long ride in the hot sun, you will not be stuck to your scooter when you arrive at your destination.
      14. Chrome Imprinted Engine:
        Your new BMS Palazzo 150 moped has a shiny aluminum engine imprinted so you and everyone around you can see you are riding a high quality vehicle.
      15. Palazzo 150cc 2012 model does not come with WINDSHIELD in standard version. You can purchase it separately

      Street Legal
      1. (DOT) Department of Transportation Fully Approved
      2. (EPA) Environmental Protection Agency Approved
        This motorcycle is legal to own in the United States. We provide all stickers, affixations and documents needed to prove that your vehicle is legal. You can easily register this bike and legally ride it on public roads as transportation.
      3. MSO (Manufacturers Statement of Origin / Certificate Of Origin) Included
      4. Genuine 17-Digit Factory VIN Number
        This Bike conforms to U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). The tag affixed to this Bike shows the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) as well as Date Manufactured. A Certificate of Origin (a.k.a. MSO/MCO/Manufacturers Statement of Origin) with all necessary information is also included. This is all the data you need to register this Bike with the DMV.


      For those of you who dig the retro style, but are looking for modern technology, this scooter is just right for you. The ZNEN BMS Palazzo gas scooter is shaped to look like the original Italian designs such as the Vespa or Lambretta. It is small and compact, elegant, and has the curves to make even the most humble of men blush.

      One of the most important additions to have on any moped is high quality brakes. The best types of brakes to have is Disc Brakes . Luckily for you the BMS Palazzo features just that on the front wheel. There is nothing better than having the feeling of riding a super stylish motor scooter and knowing you have the most efficient and powerful braking system on the market. Another key feature to add to not just safety, but also comfort, is the upgraded suspension system. There is nothing like dual telescopic forks on the front to make your commute feel less like a drag and more like a dream.

      These scooters have more upgraded stylistic features than you could shake a diamond ring at. Take a look at the BMS Palazzo's seat for example: it is made out of perforated nylon rather than vinyl. There are a few advantages to this. First off, it will not retain hot or cold temperatures, so you don't have to worry about getting on your moped in August and find your legs catching fire. These types of seats also will never fade or crack from exposure to the elements. The same can't be said about cheap vinyl. That will split as soon as it gets a chance.

      A lot of people like chrome on their rides. These mopeds feature a chrome engine cover, rear view mirrors, headlight, front and rear decorative pieces and even polished rims! I assure you, you have never seen anything so reflective in your lifetime. The only thing missing are the spinners, but that can be remedied.

      One design element we can't forget are the graphics. Sleek and stylish, just like the scooter. Now your new inexpensive and cheap scooter has gone from a classic ride, to a classic work of art. Surely there is nothing else that could possibly be advertised here.


      Model Number MC-E09
      Engine/Drive Train
      Engine 150cc, 4 stroke
      Cylinder Arrangement Single
      Horsepower(hp) 8.5 HP
      Cooling System Air Cooled
      Transmission Automatic
      Final Drive Belt
      Start System Electric / Kick
      Ignition CDI
      Max Speed (MPH) 55+ (Depending on Riders Weight and Road Conditions)
      Battery 12V/7Ah
      Frame /Body/ Suspension / Brakes
      Front Suspension Dual Telescopic Forks
      Rear Suspension Mono Shock
      Front Brakes Disc
      Rear Brakes Drum
      Front Tires 3.50 - 10
      Rear Tires 3.50 - 10
      Capacities / Dimensions
      Weight Capacity (lbs) 250
      Net Weight (lbs) 214
      Gross Weight (lbs) 231
      Overall Length 75"
      Overall Width 35"
      Overall Height 43"
      Seat Height 30"
      Fuel Capacity (gal) 1.32
      Safety / Control
      Engine Kill Switch Yes
      Remote Stop Yes
      Remote Start Yes
      Remote Alarm Yes
      Horn Yes
      Headlights Yes
      Tail Lights Yes
      Turn Signal Indicators Yes
      Tool Kit Yes
      EPA Approved Yes
      D.O.T Approved Yes

    C.A.R.B Info

      This bike is legal for sale in California and can be registered in California DMVs.
      In accordance to California DMV laws and regulations, dealers are required to complete and file registration for all vehicles sold in California. To avoid delays in the registration process, all California orders will be placed on hold until a “Vehicle/Vessel Transfer Reassignment Form REG 262” is signed and return to us. By providing us with the 262 form before your order ships, we will be able to provide you with a registration card and license plate in a timely manner. Please note that we will not ship out or process any orders until we receive a signed REG 262.
      After you place your order, you will receive an email or letter with specific instructions showing you how to fill out in the form correctly. You are only required to complete four (4) areas that will be highlighted for you. It is very important to leave all other areas blank. Place the signed 262 form in the provided envelope and mail it to us ASAP. Once we receive the signed original we will complete the registration for you. The license plate and registration card will be mailed to your address. There will be no further action required on your behalf after the completion of the REG 262 form.

    Local Pickup

      You can come to our warehouses to pick up this model locally. However, In store price may vary from online price. We also offer assembling and testing service at additional charges, please call 888-473-9826 for details.


      Assembly for MOST Moped/Scooters includes: Front wheel, front brake, hub odometer counter, handle bar, trunk (if included) and battery. (May differ per model)


      Normally it will take up to 3 business days to process your order. Most orders will be shipped from our warehouses in Los Angeles. After our shipping company picks up your order from our warehouses, the estimated delivery time will be 3-10 business days depends on your location.

      Shipping charge for one single unit of MC-E09 is $239.95 , and you will get discounted shipping price if you order multiple item.

      All ATVs, Go Karts, Mopeds, Dirt Bikes and UTVs will be put in a steel crate and shipped by a reputable trucking company to door directly. Electric scooters, pocket bikes, parts and accessories will be shipped by FedEx or DHL. We will email you a tracking number after your order is shipped. Our trucking company will always call you before the delivery and let you check the condition of your items when they arrive, so do not worry about that you could miss the delivery.

      Don't be fooled by some companies "Free Shipping" offers. They just add shipping charge in their product prices and their prices are usually $150-$500 more than our prices and they may also charge you for "Lift gate services" and "Residential Delivery".

      No any hidden charges or tricks here, we only offer you fast, reliable and honest services.

      Note: For oversized bikes, there might be a chance that our trucking company driver cannot unload this bike with liftgate on his own. The reason is that there is no lift gate big enough to unload this bike and this bike is too heavy for one person to unload. If our trucking company informs us so, you are expected to have several friends to help our truck driver to unload the bike when it arrives at your door. You can also provide a business address with a forklift to us for delivery or you can go to trucking company local terminal to pick up your bike.

    Want a Rush Processing?

      Normally orders are processed and shipped out of our warehouses within 3 business days. If you pay for the RUSH option, we will ship out your order within one business day. If you have a birthday or need this order rushed to you, simply select the Rush Option when placing your order and we GUARANTEE to ship out within one business day. If for any reason we cannot get your order shipped out within one business day, we will refund your rush charge and still rush your order.

    No Sales Tax

      We do not charge sales tax except in California. That's extra savings for our customers comparing to buying bikes from local vendors on top of our already lower sale prices.


      Look in your local yellow pages for lawn mower repair, small engine repair or go to and search for "motorcycles repair" or "ATV, motor scooters repair". Our bikes are similar to big name like Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki bikes. Any bike shop with experience at those name brand bikes should be able to repair our bikes too. If you or your local technicians need any parts, simply give our parts department a call and we will send parts to you properly.
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