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Warranty Policy HEADING_TITLE

Our warranty is provided by the manufacture of all featured products (Dirt Bike, ATV, Go Kart, Moped, Motorcycles, etc.) and is provided to you through us the dealer. All manufacturers warrant their vehicles for 1 month on the Engine and 1 month on parts from the date you receive your vehicle. We will service your vehicle under warranty at no additional costs. Buyers are responsible to ship or tow in your vehicle to our facility for any warranty service(s). Any outside repair labor charges, down time, towing or shipping charges are not covered under warranty.

The following are warranty limitations and exclusions:

  • Wheels (tires and rim)
  • Clutches
  • Lubricants
  • Gaskets
  • Extreme riding, racing or competition
  • Loss of time without motorcycle
  • Vandalism, fire or theft
  • Crash or accident
  • Unauthorized outside repair
  • Warranty does not cover or reimburse any outside labor charges
  • Warranty does not cover any towing or shipping charges to and from
  • Standard wear and tear parts including but not limited to:
    -Body Parts (fenders, covers, housings, swing arm, etc.)
    -Spark Plugs
    -Throttle grips
    -Fuel lines, brake lines
    -Brake & clutch levers
    -Light bulbs
    -Seats & upholstery

Defective warranty part(s) are required to be returned to exchange for new replacement part(s). New replacement part(s) under warranty will be shipped to buyer at no additional costs. Returning your defective part(s) will ensure we send you the correct part(s) and assist us in monitoring and correcting potential manufacture defects.



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